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TCG Puppets PARTY is a brand new album filled with your favorite TCG Puppets original songs plus NEW ones. The album also features remixes and extended versions of classic songs performed by the cast! The album will also have a hardcover deluxe version exclusively available at, with bonus tracks!

VoyageBaltimore Magazine

December 17, 2021

VoyageBaltimore Magazine interviews Baltimore native, Kobe Morrison on his journey with TCG Puppets!


Canvas Rebel Magazine

September 19th, 2022

CanvasRebel Magazine interviews 21-year-old, Kobe Morrison on his journey with TCG Puppets and his upcoming short film!

Others I’ve Worked With

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We've been able to entertain young audiences by encouraging them to use their world of imagination through reading; with various & engaging performances live and online.


TCG Puppets created a series of multiple and exclusive live and pre-recorded content in partnership with Dance & Bmore for Village Learning Place. And helped them celebrate their 25-year anniversary! (2020 - 2022.)


TCG Puppets was featured in "Talking Black: A celebration of Poetry Prose, Rhyme, Lyrics, & Limerics" in honor of Black History Month 2022! We were also booked to guest star in the 2020 Youth Virtual Poetry Showcase for The AngelWing Project Inc. as well.

TCG Puppets partnered with The Boys and Girls Club of Westminster to lead weekly afterschool sessions for elementary school students to learn about topics such as refusal skills, leadership, and making good choices. At the end of the program, the kids performed an original puppet show using the lessons they've learned. (Oct. 2021- Feb. 2022)

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Dance & Bmore is partnering with TCG Puppets to create content such as Learnin' With Ferlin, DAB & TCG Adventures, Fazafam & Friends, and Cliff storytimes. Plus LIVE performances, and celebrations for younger ages at their schools, local libraries, and virtually online. (2019 - present)


Varonica Mitchell

Actress, comedian, model, and dancer, Varonica Mitchell @_thevvshow_, joined TCG Puppets in the short film "TCG Puppets: Halloween Spooktacular" in 2022!

TCG Puppets collaborated with puppeteer, actress, comedian, and social media influencer, Christine Barger @christinebarger in the 2022 short film TCG Puppets: Halloween Spooktacular


Ty Gibson

We collaborated with Comedian, Actor, and social media influencer Ty Gibson @yeahitstyg on our 2022 short film "TCG Puppets: Halloween Spooktacular"


Kermit The Puppet

Tiktok comedian, Kermit The Puppet @kermitthepuppet collaborated with TCG Puppets on the short film TCG Puppets: Halloween Spooktacular. 

Christine Barger


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Get to know more about Actor, Singer, & Creator,  Kobe Morrison at

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