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Melissa loves fashion! Whether she's doing a cosplay costume, dressing up, or hanging out with her friends. She also loves to act & sing and wants to be a star! Melissa is very kind, has a huge heart, and likes to make new friends.


Cliff Cray Cray

Cliff Cray Cray is a wild card! You never know what this pink fluffy ball of energy is gonna do next! That's what makes him extremely unique! He's always super hype, bold, and never thinks ahead. The only thing that you can expect from him is that he'll never turn down the opportunity to eat a delicious taco! You just gotta love him.

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Margret is bold, sassy, and fierce. She's hilarious and speaks her mind. She's friendly, intelligent, and loves to share lessons with others, but is also quick with a witty clapback if someone tries it! As well as that, Margret also cares for her friends deeply. She wants the best for the world and wants to see a positive change in it. So she does her best to speak up when it comes to important causes.

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Characters: About


Blue is a slick guy who's always providing a good laugh. He loves cracking jokes but always ends up making a fool of him self when it comes to him being hilariously accident-prone. Blue has a sweet spot for all of his friends and loves to hang out and enjoy a good laugh with them. Especially his secret crush, Melissa!

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Ferlin is the most huggable TCG puppet there is. He's very friendly and wise, yet curious and is always willing to learn more! Ferlin gives off such a soothing energy and loves it when he has the opportunity to make someone's day.


CATherine Rainbow kitty is from the planet Fabulora and has always known what it takes to be truly fabulous. She sometimes comes off as self centered and sassy but she can tone it down for a good reason if need be. Her hope is to one day become rich and famous and be admired by many.

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Otis is a laid back guy who can never seem to catch a break. Otis is grouchy and gets annoyed quickly, hence his resting grouch face. But he's also loyal and is always there when his friends need him. At the end of the day, he's always down to chill and have a little fun.

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Godwin is a vibrant and curious bird from an unknown island. He's extremely kind and has an upbeat personality. Godwin likes to encourage those around him and be helpful. He can be odd and quirky at times but he makes up for it with his charm and adorable smile.

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Maya Rainbow Mouse is from the planet Fabuloura and is the sidekick and bestfriend to CATherine. She's quick, clever, & never holds back when it's time to make a witty rude comment. There's a lot of blunt temper trapped inside that small and well dressed alien rodent body. What she lacks in humility towards others, she makes up in fashion and her hilariously unique accent.

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Levanna is very ditsy but also really kind. She basically loves everything and is always happy. Even though she's not he smartest out the bunch, she doesn't ask for much and couldn't be a more peaceful person.

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Pinkie, Tucker, & Mittens

Pinkie the pig is a loyal and fluffy companion to all and loves to hear the sound of his own oink! Mittens the kitten is a small and feisty cat who you can never expect whether or not if your gonna get a get a calm meow or a loud hiss from. Tucker the sea turtle is from the same unknown island as Godwin and loves to swim while singing beautiful songs to others.

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